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Twenty-six miles southwest of Chicago, Romeoville is a village in Will County. When visualizing a village, one thinks of a population of perhaps 100 or 200. Romeoville IL real estate houses over 40,000 people now, but it started out with no more than 100 people living in Romeoville IL homes. They only need 62 policemen to watch over them.

Manufacturing, construction, warehousing and transportation keep the residents employed. Their kids go to one of five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Romeoville has branch campuses of Joliet Junior College and Rasmussen College. Other institutions of higher learning include Lewis University, North Central College and Midwestern University. Romeoville is #67 on the Top 100 List of cities with the largest population increase and #88 on the list of fastest growing cities.


Romeoville's history is about digging. Heavily agricultural from its beginnings, the town soon discovered limestone. Quarrying stone and shipping it to Chicago and other points gained the town the name "Stone City" before Joliet took the title. Those living on Romeoville real estate dug some more when the Illinois-Michigan Shipping Canal was established. Romeoville homes were laid out along the path of the canal, raising property values considerably. More digging was required in the late 19th century for the Chicago Drainage Canal, between the Des Plaines River and the Illinois-Michigan Canal. Now digging became more furious as farmers in the area discovered the need for limestone to temper the alkaline content of their soil. The village now housed around 200 people on Romeoville properties. In the latter half of the 20th century, developers noticed Romeoville and began laying out subdivisions. The face of the town changed and today its population is over 40,000.

Parks and Recreation

Twenty-four parks and three natural areas give seekers of Romeoville homes for sale plenty of family fun. The parks are equipped with playgrounds and picnic areas. Most of the parks have ball fields and nature trails. Some parks have fishing. Even Conservation Park, Deer Crossing Park/Amphitheater and O'Hara Woods and Nature Preserve have playgrounds and picnic facilities. There are no skateboarding parks or dog parks near new owners of homes for sale in Romeoville.

Lewis University studentAttractions and Events

Attractions just naturally draw people, don't they? Seekers of real estate in Romeoville will be interested in the Seven Bridges Ice Arena and My Gym Aurora for the kids' fitness. Attractions like the Hancock Observatory in Chicago will give the whole family a great time. Take the kids to the Up Comedy Club, where kids of all ages will see funny shows with subjects suited to their ages.

The Romeoville home buyer will need a calendar of events in town. Dress up for Halloween or attend the Daddy-Daughter Ball. The Youth Outreach Commission Costume Ball should give the family a lot of fun and introduce them to the town.

Romeoville - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The friendly lifestyle and proximity to Chicago make Romeoville a home town to fall in love with. If Romeoville looks like your next destination, call the Rosemary West Team at 630-305-5740. She has all the real estate deals in Romeoville and the greater Chicago area, and can help you find your perfect match!

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