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Bolingbrook is a thriving Chicago suburb, located about 30 miles southwest of downtown Chicago near the Interstate 355 Veterans Memorial Tollway. Bolingbrook offers home buyers fantastic recreation facilities, low crime rates and a stable economy. These benefits make Bolingbrook real estate a fantastic value for buyers who wish to relocate to the greater Chicago area.


The modern history Bolingbrook can be traced back to the 1960s when the Dover Construction Company constructed the first Bolingbrook homes on homesteads that were located near a group of dairy farms known as Barber's Corners. Most of Bolingbrook's original settlers were Chicago-area home buyers who were encouraged to buy Bolingbrook homes after seeing advertisements that were printed in Chicago-area newspapers. Many were families searching for affordable homes near Chicago's employment opportunities.

Many of Bolingbrook's original homes were constructed near what is now Briarcliff Road. Most of these homes offered varying amenities including electric kitchen appliances, plush nylon carpeting and large patios. Many of these homes also offered Bolingbrook home buyers several bright Modernist-style exterior designs that were accentuated by vinyl siding. The demand increased during the 1980s after Chicago-area residents discovered Bolingbrook's quiet neighborhoods and homes that were located Bollingbrook's park district.

Bolingbrook Park DistrictParks and Recreation

There are several recreational facilities located near homes for sale in Bolingbrook that offer home buyers fun ways to stay active. Most of these facilities are located in a park district that is located near Bolingbrook's government facilities. Some of the most popular facilities include an outdoor rock climbing wall, an indoor gymnasium and an urban nature preserve. Other popular facilities include a modern senior center and several community gardens.

Moreover, the Bolingbrook Park District also offers several recreational programs that offer home buyers a fun way to learn about several hobbies and sports. Some of the most popular recreational programs include adult softball leagues, adult basketball leagues, dance programs, computer courses, adult fitness classes and recreational sports programs that cater to the needs of senior citizens.

Attractions and Events

Bollingbrook properties are located near several great attractions that offer home buyers an opportunity to explore Bolingbrook's friendly atmosphere. Some of these attractions include the Bolingbrook Lanes Bowling Center, Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park, Bolingbrook Golf Club and theĀ Illinois Aviation Museum at Bolingbrook.

Bollingbrook residents host several fun events that take place near high-quality Bollingbrook homes for sale. Some of these events include the Bollingbrook Annual Village Jubilee, the Bollingbrook Cavalcade of Planes and the Bolingbrook Holiday Lights Festival. Home buyers who are interested in purchasing Bolingbrook homes can find details about other events by visiting the Village of Bolingbrook's online event calendar.

Bolingbrook - A Friendly Midwest Home Town

With so many fantastic things to do, it's no wonder so many people would love to live in Bolingbrook. If a home in Bolingbrook looks like your destination, call the Rosemary West Team at 630-305-5740. She has all the real estate deals in Bolingbrook and the greater Chicago area, and can help you find your perfect match.
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